The Broadkasters - 21 Days In Jail

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The Broadkasters - 21 Days In Jail

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Rob Glazebrooks new Blues project. The well known singer of the Playboys and Houserockers surprises with a authentic blues album "Rob Glazebrook" style. 1. Mellow Down Easy 2. Stop Breakin' Down 3. Ah'w Baby 4. 21 Days in Jail 5. Come Back Baby 6. Stop Breakin' Down (Lowfi alt version) 7. Crazy Mixed Up World 8. Down To The Bottom 9. Evil Hearted Woman 10. Feel Like Goin' Home 11.A Fool No More 12.You Gotta Lose 13.Just Keep A Lovin' 14.Lover's Confession 15. Baby Done Left Me 16. Stumblin' Block Blues

Musicstyle: Blues Rhythm and Blues
Artwork by: Don De Vil