Tinez Roots Club - Almost Nasty

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Tinez Roots Club - Almost Nasty

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Imagine a feverish lounge with colorful interior and ditto clientele. Sticky dollar bills go from hand to hand. Strong-smelling liquor is served. In the cage in the corner lives a snake, but it hasn?t been seen for a couple of days. Nobody minds because time is absent and the mood is up. Welcome, you have made it to Tinez Roots Club. For a couple of years now, Tinez Roots Club has been roaming the scene with their raw and high energy mix of greasy rhythm 'n blues, gravitatingly grooving soul, jazz licks and wild rock 'n roll. With two honking saxophones, a deliciously grooving Hammond organ and wild-beating drums, they make audiences shiver and rooms rumble.

Musicstyle: Rhythm and Blues