VA - Groove Juice 10inch vinyl LIMITED

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VA - Groove Juice 10inch vinyl LIMITED Side 1 1. GROOVE JUICE (I Need It Bad) Jack McVea 2. WALKIN? Joe Liggins 3. MIDNIGHT WITH SAMPSON Red Callender Sextette 5. IF IT?S LOVE YOU WANT Henry ?Red? Allen 4. RED RED WINE Milt Buckner Side 2 1. ALL TORE UP The King?s Henchmen feat. Kenny Burrell 2. WINE-O Jack McVea 3. GET OUT OF THAT BED Babs Gonzales 4. DIG THIS MENUE PLEASE Red Rodney Sextette 5. HANKA BOO Rusty Bryant

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It must have been heaven on earth, when record playing time was limited to only about three minutes per side, as there wasn?t enough space for more on a fragile 78 rpm shellack. The majority of these titles was simply designed for dancing and pure pleasure in late 40s and early 50s territory jukeboxes, most of them pressed in relatively small quantities only and good survivors from way back then are scarce today. Enjoy your Shag-, Lindy-, Balboa- or Boogie-dancing with this collection. To tell it with ?The Hipster?: ?Put a nickel in the slot!?