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1. John Buck: Chi Chi - 2. Duane Eddy: Pepe - 3. Bent Fabric: Alley Cat - 4. Jψrgen Ingmann: Apache - 5. Billy Vaughn: Sail Along Silvery Moon - 6. Chris Barber: Petite Fleur - 7. Percy Faith: Theme From A Summer Place - 8. Bert Kaempfert: Wunderland bei Nacht - 9. Henry Mancini: Moon River - 10. Mr. Acker Bilk: Stranger On The Shore - 11. Duane Eddy: Because They're Young - 12. Bob Moore: Mexico - 13. Perez Prado: Patricia - 14. Santo & Johnny: Sleep Walk - 15. Heinz Schachtner: Mitternachts Blues - 16. String-A-Longs: Wheels - 17. Tornados: Telstar - 18. Billy Vaughn: Raunchy - 19. Waikikis: Hawaii Tattoo - 20. Johnny & The Hurricanes: Red River Rock

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It was the golden age of rock 'n' roll: revolutionary rhythms, electric guitars, off-beat saxophones and hammering pianos, plus piercing vocals and choruses which made everything that went before sound antiquated: awopbopaloobopalopbamboom, Be-bop-a-lula... However, this turbulent environment also produced a delicate flour which kept on blossoming in a most miraculous way: Petite Fleur by Chris Barber's Jazz Band. Monty Sunshine's melodic clarinet successfully stood up against the powerful sound of rock music. The METRONOME single with Sidney Bechet's composition kept incessantly spinning on the turntables, against the rock 'n' roll trend of its day. There are instrumental recordings which radiate a magical charm ? Petite Fleur is only one of them. Another one is Mitternachts Blues, where the instrument that enchants the listener is a trumpet. Sail Along Silvery Moon was made unforgettable by Billy Vaughn's saxophones. The catchiness of instrumentals has always been determined by the quality of the solo instruments ? the clarinet, the trumpet and the saxophones in these songs. Of course this also goes for the guitar, the piano or the violin: they all replace the singer's voice. Only innovative arrangements and tunes had the chance to stand up against vocal recordings ? lyrics are easier to remember, especially in repeated listening. And so it's no wonder that Theme From A Summer Place, Because They're Young, Sleep Walk, Stranger On The Shore, Wunderland bei Nacht or Chi Chi remain etched in our minds. All these songs are connected with memories, which are indestructible when tied to feelings, such as in soundtracks: the movie is over, the curtain rises, but there's one thing which lingers on: the tune inside your head. And it stays there. The same goes for candlelight parties, with people dancing to Sleep Walk or Stranger On The Shore. Many instrumentals, such as Mitternachts Blues or Petite Fleur were perfect for this. And in the '60s hot numbers like Red River Rock were often played on fairgrounds, giving teenagers a chance to get closer in the small compartments of the roundabouts. In situations like this, tunes can work wonders.

Musicstyle: 1950s RocknRoll/Rockabilly
Artwork by: Malbuch Berlin